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There are 3 classes introduced in Diablo 3; Barbarian, Witch Doctor, and Wizard.

First, Gamephoton going to introduce what makes each classes unique from each other.


Barbarian is your typical melee attacker that has a wide variety of skills in close-quarter combat. Barbarian can take a lot of punishment from his/her enemies, Barbarian can utterly leap into te middle of epic battle, overcoming hordes of enemies with pure brute force, and came out in one piece.

What makes this character so interesting is it unleashes the barbaric emotion within you. You actually feel the need to express your inner rage with each attack you swing and everywhere you walk, you must destroy everything evil in this game, including the environment.

Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor is a very interesting character due to its unique abilities in vanquishing his/her enemies. The primary arsenal of this character is summon diseases and fire magic, summon pets to do your bidding, and mind control your enemies whether its fearing them or making them fight each other.

gamephoton predicted that this character’s unique abilities will create deep and complex strategies on each spells. The gameplay experience will be very different among other characters, where you have only one principle. For example, if you are using barbarian, your principle is to use assorted abilities of melee attack in overcoming your foes. The Witch Doctor possesses significant number of strategies in destroying your foes, you can use mind control to make them fight among each other until they die, use flame magic to burn clusters of foes, or use your minions to kill them for you. The significant amount of strategies you can utilize from this character is the reason of the potential high level of replayability this game will yield.


Wizard class specializes in range damage dealers. This class can cause significant amount of punishment towards hordes of enemies in an instant, but it cannot take a lot of punishment from the enemies.The main notable spells are traveling in and out of the combat with her teleportation spell, and utilizing fire, frost, and lightning spells simultaneously at a very fast rate to the point that the enemies are dead before approaching towards Wizard.

So far, the spells that were introduced by Blizzard are mainly fire, lightning, and frost elementals. It is quite similar with previous Diablo games. That doesn’t mean the player will get repetitive playing this class, it can be quite an interesting character to play with because some players actually never get bored killing dozens of enemies with spells. Gamephoton hopes that Blizzard will not disappoint its fans who loves to use magic-caster class in previous installment. Since there is so little information about this fascinating class, it is best to wait and see more facts and features, such as new spells in the future.


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