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First of all, Gamephoton would like to explain about Diablo 3 Skill Runes. These runes represent in making one particular spell on each class more powerful from its original spell, and you have to choose 2 different types of rune skills to enhance one particular spell you want. For example;

Invest Skill Runes on Wizard Chain Lightning, you will be able to choose 2 of the following choices 1) Make the Chain lightning jump towards additional enemies, or 2) adding the skill runes with explosion-effect that blows up the enemy and causing damages to surrounding area.

Gamephoton believes that skill runes implementation is another great addition of making Diablo 3 more fun to play because it gives the players more freedom to choose what type of specialized class players want to be and what makes the players unique from other players. However, the downside of rune skills is that  players will find little challenge if  his/her character is too powerful for enemies to hamdle. The players will easily get bored with the game. It will also makes the Blizzard works extra hard to fix balance issue between characters.


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